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Laura Manney | Midwest

Corridor Gallery | January 12–March 26, 2023

Digital illustration, "BikeShop" by Laura Manney. Brightly-colored side view of a bike shop with simplified vector shapes.

“I want my art to bind people to each other and the places where they live”

–Laura Manney

Air, land, rooftops, roadways, and water: Laura Manney’s colorful illustrations capture Midwestern landscapes from different perspectives, a story unfolding from farm to city. Colors carry between pieces, hinting at Manney’s graphic design and animation storyboarding experience.

Beginning with grand vistas of quintessential patchwork crop fields, Manney explores movement and change in the perceived quiet of an environment. Midwest continues with Lake Superior views that evoke inviting familiarity, and depictions of industry and transportation connecting to urban spaces. These scenes offer a fragmented narrative of the Midwestern experience as observed in Manney’s everyday life.

Image Credit: Laura Manney, "BikeShop," illustration, 2020, 20"x20"

Laura Manney grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan where she completed her BFA in painting and printmaking before earning an MFA in photography from Columbia College in Chicago. After living in New York City, Manney moved to Minnesota. Today, Manney lives in Duluth with her family and is a freelance artist and designer.

Headshot of artist Laura Manney

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