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Popular Opinions: A Cultural Discussion

Curated by DAI Interns: Rachel Feigal, Megan Finegan, Chieze Kaip, and Sierra Lundmark

In response to the rapid increase in mass-production, media, and culture, the Pop Art movement helped to make sense of a changing world. Artists were surrounded by a tumultuous post-war atmosphere colored by political unrest, social tension, and an evolving economy. By combining consumerism and high-art, these artists were able to critique and comment on popular culture. The 21st century is similarly turbulent, with the domination of technology, clashing of political viewpoints, and strained global relations. Artists are using these conditions to produce art that critiques our current surroundings in a comparable way. These contemporary interpretations define our era much like Campbell's Soup and Marilyn Monroe did for the 1960’s.

Today, we have a different perspective of this commentary on consumerist culture. This show will feature artists who have pieces that intrigue thought and comment on the world around them. Interpretations of popular culture, the political climate, and everyday environments will be central themes. Concepts will range from icons and figures to consumerism and capitalism. The Duluth Art Institute is creating a space to display cultural opinions and welcomes discussion on all aspects of society.

The Duluth Art Institute is accepting submissions for the Corridor Gallery from any artist with a contemporary viewpoint that shares a message or critique interpreting the world around them. These works need not be traditionally “pop” in style, but rather preserving the spirit of the movement in a contemporary format. We are accepting artworks in all media. Submissions will be open until March 31st. Artwork will be selected by a panel and all artists will be notified via email by April 12th. Accepted submissions must be at the Duluth Art Institute no later than May 10th.

Submission Materials

  • A maximum of 10 images, save as jpeg or png, file size over 300 dpi. Video/audio submissions under 3 minutes with captions

  • Artist Statement (no more than 1 page, PDF or Word Doc.)

  • Image List with title, medium, year, size, and price/nfs.

Artwork can be submitted using the following link: https://duluthartinstitute.submittable.com/submit

Please contact Amy Varsek (avarsek@duluthartinstitute.org) or Genevieve Hircock (ghircock@duluthartinstitute.org) with questions.

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