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WDIO  |  Duluth Art Institute gives update on upcoming plans and events  |  February 20, 2024

"The Duluth Art Institute (DAI) is looking for a new space in town. Christina Woods and Robin Washington joined Good Morning Northland to give an update on their progress on the search and what events are coming up for the Institute."

Lake Superior Magazine  |  Lake Superior Travel Guide 2024  |  February 2024

"In May, the Duluth Art Institute plans to move into a new space, to be announced."

The Slice, PBS North  |  Ta-coumba T. Aiken Exhibit  |  January 22, 2024

"Check out the art of Minnesota artist Ta-coumba T. Aiken at the Duluth Art Institute. He paints abstract pictures that bring viewers on a journey of many stories filled with rhythmic patterns and vibrant color."

Duluth News Tribune  |  Best Bets: Snake River Fur Post Winter Frolic  |  January 17, 2024

Seitu Jones at UMD: "Seitu Ken Jones is a St. Paul artist known for his placemaking work tied to community and culture. His work has been seen at museums across the country, as well as on the stages of numerous theater companies for which he's designed sets. He's also frequently collaborated with Ta-coumba Aiken, currently the subject of an exhibit at the Duluth Art Institute's Depot gallery space."

Perfect Duluth Day  |  Duluth Art Institute continuing search for new space  |  January 10, 2024

"The Duluth News Tribune reports the nonprofit Duluth Art Institute is searching for a new home as it prepares to leave the St. Louis County Depot, where it has had galleries and workspace since 1975."

Duluth News Tribune  |  Duluth Art Institute plans for year of continuity amid change  |  January 10, 2024

"On May 1, the DAI will end its tenancy of a half-century at the St. Louis County Depot, where it currently maintains space for exhibitions and other uses. The DAI will continue to operate education and studio programming out of a former Carnegie library in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, and a search for new gallery space is ongoing."

Arts Midwest  |  Arts Midwest Welcomes Two New Board Members  |  January 10, 2024

Arts Midwest is thrilled to welcome Christina Woods and Joe Williams to our Board of Directors.

Duluth News Tribune  |  Best Bets: Charlie Parr, Alan Sparhawk at Earth Rider  |  January 10, 2024

Ta-Coumba Aiken: "Aiken's work, full of rhythmic patterns and created using inventive techniques, will be on display at the St. Louis County Depot from Tuesday, Jan. 9, through April 8. A reception is scheduled for Feb. 29."

Duluth News Tribune  |  Listen: Checking in with the Duluth Art Institute  (audio)  |  January 8, 2024

Duluth News Tribune Minute podcast

Duluth News Tribune  |  Best Bets: Jazz at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum returns  |  January 03, 2024

Steffl in Steffl: "The Duluth Art Institute is paying tribute to John Steffl, a local artist and arts advocate who died in 2018 at age 69. Steffl had a longstanding relationship with the DAI, as well as teaching at both the University of Minnesota Duluth and St. Scholastica."


WDIO  |  Making a pop-up Christmas card with the Duluth Art Institute  (video)  |  December 14, 2023

"The Duluth Art Institute is hosting December Free Art DAI this Saturday.

It’s from 1 – 4 p.m. at the Lincoln Park Building.

You can make seasonal crafts like a pop-up Christmas card like Host Baihly Warfield made on The Lift.

Duluth News Tribune  |  Best Bets: Mason Jennings at Sacred Heart Music Center  |  November 20, 2023

"Biennial exhibitions have been staples of the visual arts since the 1895 founding of the Venice Biennale, often called "the Olympics of the art world." A biennial is meant to be more deliberate than an annual exhibition — a little more curated, a little less commercial. A little more about, well, the art.

Starting Wednesday, the Duluth Art Institute's 64th Arrowhead Regional Art Biennial will go on display at the Tweed Museum of Art."

WDIO  |  Paper bag monsters with the Duluth Art Institute  |  October 13, 2023

"Ahead of Free Art DAI, outreach coordinator Sam Odden helps the Lift get crafty by making paper bag monsters, 'It’s all things you can do on you own and bring out your inner artist.'"

Duluth News Tribune  |  Northland does Halloween 2023: A guide to spooky events  |  October 2, 2023

"The Duluth Art Institute is hosting a Garden of the Surreal Gala on Oct. 26 at the Depot — the perfect opportunity to wear that sliced-eyeball costume you've been saving in the closet."

Duluthian  |  People & Places, pg 57  |  September/October 2023

"The Duluth Art Institute recieved $10,000 from Spectrum through the 2022-2023 Stand for the Arts Awards in partnership with Ovation TV that recognizes local arts, cultural and educational organizations and programs. The award was presented at the Institute's Annual Member Show, a traditional showcase of local, regional, and national artists that also serves as a fundraiser for the Institute, which has been a part of the Duluth community for 116 years."

Duluth News Tribune  |  St. Louis County commissioners deliberate on Depot issues  |  September 6, 2023

"According to Chris Pinkert, assistant county attorney, the Duluth Art Institute's lease has been extended to May 1, 2024. The committee and board of commissioners rejected the DAI's proposal for its space in the Depot last month, resulting in the need for them to vacate."

Duluth News Tribune  |  St. Louis County Board votes to reject Duluth Art Institute proposal  |  August 1, 2023

"St. Louis County commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to approve entering into negotiations for lease proposals of five St. Louis County Depot tenants and reject a proposal from the Duluth Art Institute.

The board added an amendment to the motion that allows the DAI more time to vacate the space at the Depot, moving the deadline from Jan. 1 to May 1."

Story also featured in the Duluth News Tribune Minute podcase, August 2, 2023. Listen here.

Duluth News Tribune  |  Local View: Booting art institute from Depot is just bizarre  |  July 30, 2023

"This space is necessary to artists here who wish to develop a professional career. Such professional careers are worth as much respect as those of, say, miners or airplane assemblers: The nonprofit arts and culture sector generates more than $1 billion in total economic impact annually in Minnesota, according to the Minnesota State Arts Board, half of this outside of the Twin Cities. St. Louis County has a higher percentage of working artists in its population than any other county in the state, Minnesota Citizens for the Arts determined."

Star Tribune  |  After 50 years, Duluth Art Institute could be leaving its home at historic Depot  |  July 29, 2023

"A selection committee has recommended that St. Louis County reject the arts organization's proposal for a lease extension."

FOX 21  |  Duluth Art Institute May Be Forced to Move  |  July 26, 2023

"The Executive Director of the Duluth Art Institute says the art organization was a charter tenant of the building. She says if it is forced to move by the end of the year there will be problems. Those issues would start at the end of the year when the Gallery has a two-month exhibit scheduled to begin in December and runs through January."

WDIO  |  Duluth Art Institute may have to leave The Depot  |  July 24, 2023

"'It is regrettable that the County fails to see value in the inclusion of the Duluth Art Institute in the offerings at the Depot, especially given our 116-year history as the region’s premier visual arts organization,' said DAI Executive Director Christina Woods."

Duluth News Tribune  |  County may reject Duluth Art Institute's Depot lease  |  July 23, 2023

"The Duluth Art Institute is looking for new exhibit space after county officials recommended the board reject a proposal by the nonprofit to renew its space in the St. Louis County Depot."

FOX 21  |  Spectrum Partners With Ovation TV To Award Duluth Art Institute  |  June 1, 2023

"The Duluth Art Institute hosted their annual member show. This year they voted in a new board member before receiving the Stand for the Arts Award."

WDIO  |  Duluth Art Institute receives Stand for the Arts Award  |  May 31, 2023

"Spectrum and Ovation TV presented the Duluth Art Institute with a $10,000 Stand for the Arts Award at the Institute’s Annual Member Show on Wednesday evening."

GuruFocus  |  Spectrum Partners With Ovation Tv To Support Duluth Art Institute With $10,000 Stand For The Arts Award  |  May 31, 2023

"This award that comes with $10,000 supports the work it takes to deliver on advocacy and access to the visual arts for all."

Placera  |  Spectrum Partners With Ovation Tv To Support Duluth Art Institute With $10,000 Stand For The Arts Award  |  May 31, 2023

"Duluth Art Institute is one of 10 organizations receiving support in Spectrum markets across the country."

Markets Insider  |  Spectrum Partners With Ovation Tv To Support Duluth Art Institute With $10,000 Stand For The Arts Award  |  May 31, 2023

"We congratulate the Duluth Art Institute for its commitment to supporting Duluth-area artists and celebrate its long history of providing access to the arts to the community."

Yahoo Finance  |  Spectrum Partners With Ovation Tv To Support Duluth Art Institute With $10,000 Stand For The Arts Award  |  May 31, 2023

"The award was presented at the Institute's Annual Member Show, a traditional showcase of local, regional, and national artists that also serves as a fundraiser for the Institute, which has been a part of the Duluth community for 116 years."

WMTV Madison / NBC 15  |  Spectrum Partners With Ovation Tv To Support Duluth Art Institute With $10,000 Stand For The Arts Award  |  May 31, 2023

"Spectrum is proud to announce the Duluth Art Institute is the recipient of $10,000 through the 2022-2023 Stand For The Arts Awards in partnership with Ovation TV that recognizes local arts, cultural and educational organizations and programs."

Duluth News Tribune  |  Best Bets: Remembering Howard Sivertson in Grand Marais  |  May 30, 2023

"The Duluth Art Institute's Annual Member Show fills the Depot's Great Hall with work by active local artists who seize the opportunity to share their pieces with a wide audience."

Duluth Times  |  Spectrum partners with Ovation TV to award Duluth Art Institute  |  May 26, 2023

"Spectrum and Ovation TV will present the Duluth Art Institute a $10,000 Stand for the Arts Award ahead of the Institute’s Annual Member Show on Wednesday at SLC Depot Performing Arts Stage and Great Hall in Downtown Duluth."

Star Tribune  |  Minnesota arts nonprofits launch campaign to draw people back to theaters, museums  |  May 2, 2023

"'We want everyone in Minnesota and everyone traveling here to know that this is a tool to help them plan,' said Christina Woods, executive director of the Duluth Art Institute."

Duluth News Tribune  |  Best Bets: Kara Goucher tells her story at Fitger's  |  May 1, 2023

"AI art in question: Remarkable recent advances in artificial intelligence have sparked conversations about the technology's role in all realms of life — including visual art. On Monday, the Duluth Art Institute is hosting a virtual conversation about this crucial topic."

Redfin  |  Discovering Duluth: 10 Unique Things to Do in Duluth, MN  |  April 6, 2023

"The Duluth Art Institute is a vibrant cultural institution in Duluth, MN that offers the opportunity to explore the city’s rich artistic heritage."

Lake Superior Magazine  |  Camps  |  April–May 2023

"At the Duluth Art Institute, 'summer camp' means weeklong sessions on various arts, from sculpture to comics. Geared toward different age groups spanning 7–14."

FOX 21  |  Youth Photography Club is Back at the DAI  |  January 11, 2023

"The new year means new opportunities as the Youth Photography Club is back at the Duluth Art Institute.

The club welcomes teenagers 13 and older, and it doesn’t matter if they’ve never picked up a camera before or if they’ve been doing so for years."

Duluth News Tribune  |  Best Bets: Homegrown Winter Fiasco and more  |  January 09, 2023

"The DAI is welcoming community members to an Art Night Out event at the Depot on Thursday. Artists Martin DeWitt, Susan Hensel and Laura Manney will talk about their work at the free event, with light appetizers and a cash bar."

Duluth News Tribune  |  Local View: Looking for art? It's still at the Depot  |  January 0, 2023

"If you’re looking for fun and educational activities that everyone can enjoy, come visit the Depot."


Duluth News Tribune  |  That's a wrap, 2022: A look back at some Northland
makers, fixers and activists from DNT Lifestyle
  |  December 30, 2022

"The work at DAI includes amplifying erased, overwritten and unremembered narratives; creating a network for artists to be informed of opportunities to show work; and BIPOC artist shows and classes, among others."

FOX 21  |  Gift Shopping at the Great Hall Marketplace  |  December 17, 2022

"Over 50 vendors filled the Depot, displaying a wide range of gifts and crafts. From handmade woodworking, custom paintings, and even pottery. Artists for the Duluth Art Institute also had a special pop-up."

Star Tribune  |  Is Hulu's 'Merry Kiss Cam' Duluth's Duluthiest movie?  |  December 2, 2022

"Christina Woods, the real executive director at the Duluth Art Institute, said she felt her organization was a secondary star of the film. It's frequently mentioned and Jess teaches school-aged children at the institute's Lincoln Park space.

'I love the through-story about the Duluth artist,' said Woods. 'That was amplifying what we really do. We have an impact in the community and the person being featured was a leader in the organization. I feel like they got us.'"

Ennyman's Territory  |  11 Days Left to See Robert Patrick's Currents at the DAI  |  November 30, 2022

"His current exhibit is called Currents, featuring large images that hang on the walls like tapestries."

FOX 21  |  Duluth Art Institute Hosts Annual Gala  |  October 27, 2022

"The annual event is put on to raise money for programs that are run through the D.A.I., assisting artists and art learners. There was a silent auction, drag performers, a heads and tails game, as well as a key-chain sale."

Duluth News Tribune  |  Best Bets: 6 nights of live music at Wussow's and more  |  October 10, 2022

"From 1-4 p.m., the Duluth Art Institute is having its first in-person Free ArtDAI in years, with the public encouraged to drop in for projects including paper flowers and paper puppets."

FOX 21  |  Papier-Mache Pumpkin Class  |  October 4, 2022

"With Halloween less than a month away, a Papier-mâché pumpkin class was held at the Duluth Art Institute in Lincoln Park. The class follows the work of Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese-American artist known for her polka-dot pumpkins, sculptures, paintings and more."

Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine  |  What's Next for Twin Cities Museums?  |  October 2, 2022

'I’m collaborative by nature and started working first with Katie Luber at Mia, the Guthrie, the Orchestra, the Duluth Art Institute.'     –Walker Art Center executive director Mary Ceruti

Duluth News Tribune  |  Halloween season 2022: Spooky things to do in the Northland  |  September 28 2022

"Every nonprofit needs a gala, and the Duluth Art Institute has called dibs on peak costume-party season with its Masquerade Gala on Oct. 27. This may be as close to the Met Gala as Duluth can get. Organizers promise "wild outfits, intricate makeup, dramatic hairstyles and artist-made statement pieces." There will be a drag performance by Zenith City Horror and a "special appearance" by "RuPaul's Drag Race" veteran Utica — as well as music, comedy and needless to say, art."

The North 103.3  |  Where's Art: Summer Happenings at the Duluth Art Institute  |  July 12, 2022

"The Duluth Art Institute is hosting a flurry of exhibits this summer."

Ennyman's Territory  |  RFPs and the Local Scene  |  May 20, 2022

"I just received an email from the Duluth Art Institute regarding a potential upheaval they are facing. The email has a two-fold purpose. First, to inform members of an action that will effect the DAI. Second, to request help from the arts community."

The Duluthian  |  Art is for Everyone  |  May-June 2022

The North 1033  |  Where's Art: Art of Migration and Where We're From  |  May 16, 2022

"Christopher Harrison's Contemporary Visions opens today at the Duluth Art Institute's Steffl Gallery and runs through September 5. This exhibit showcases Harrison's exploration and adaptation of Jacob Lawrence's 60-panel tempera paintings known as The Great Migration" that chronicle the exodus of southern African Americans to the North. A reception and artist talk with Harrison will be held on May 26 from 5:30-8:00 p.m."

FOX 21  |  Smelt Parade Set to Return to Duluth’s Lakewalk This Weekend  |  May 4, 2022

"To prepare, workshops have been held at the Duluth Art Institute in Lincoln Park where families can stop by to make a variety of costumes and accessories to wearing during Sunday's festivities."

Lake and Company Minnesota  |  Issue 22: Trailblazers  |  Spring 2022

DAI Executive Director Christina Woods featured for DAI leadership

Star Tribune  |  Duluth Art Institute director expanding involvement by artists of color  |  April 29, 2022

"Christina Woods has been named to the U.S. Senate's Curatorial Advisory Board."

Duluth News Tribune  |  Duluth Lincoln Park Unveils Art Walk Celebrating Community Murals  |  April 4, 2022

Duluth News Tribune  |  Duluth Art Institute director Christina Woods to advise US Senate on Curation  |  April 2, 2022

WDSE/The Slice  |  Like Me, Like You & TPAC member Viann Nguyen-Feng  |  March 28, 2022

"As part of the "Like Me, Like You" exhibit that recently closed at @duluthart, Viann talks to The Slice about the origami, or paper folding, piece that she and other members of the The Twin Ports APIDA Collective created."

Duluth News Tribune  |  Duluth collective reckons with racial stereotypes in new art exhibit  |  January 27, 2022

MPR  |  Art Hounds absorb an explosion of color in winter  |  January 27, 2022

"Mary Fox of Renegade Theater Company in Duluth, Minn., says she was deeply affected by her visit to the “Like Me, Like You” exhibit at the Duluth Art Institute. The Twin Ports Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Collective mounted the exhibit."

CBS3  |  New art exhibit tells stories of Asian American culture in the Twin Ports  |  January 24, 2022

"DULUTH, MN - A new art exhibit in Duluth highlights Asian-American culture and stories in our community. The Twin Ports APIDA Collective worked with the Duluth Art Institute to create the exhibit, called “Like Me, Like You.”"

Duluth News Tribune  |  Duluth Indigenous woman drives inclusive agenda at art institute  |  January 19, 2022


International Council of Museums  |  What is a Museum? A Webinar in 6 Parts  |  2021

Duluth News Tribune  |  Duluth Art Institute connects youth with creative outlets  | September 14, 2021

Minnesota Native News  |  Christina Wood’s Gift for Busting Bias Through Art  | September 2, 2021

"On today’s show, we talk with Christina Woods (Bois Forte Tribal Nation) who is the first Anishinaabikwe to be the Executive Director of the Duluth Art Institute. Christina is also currently performing in the play The UnPlugging presented by New Native Theatre in Minneapolis."The Duluth Art Institute at Lincoln Park began their sculpture and plaster camp on Monday, July 5th, where the young artists were able to let their imaginations run wild.""

FOX 21  |  Duluth Art Institute Summer Camps  | July 5, 2021

"The Duluth Art Institute at Lincoln Park began their sculpture and plaster camp on Monday, July 5th, where the young artists were able to let their imaginations run wild."

FOX 21  |  Duluth Art Institute Features Autistic Artist in New Exhibit  |  May 5, 2021

"The Duluth Art Institute, located at The Depot, reopened last month after closing due to covid-19, and now has a new exhibit. It features artist Harrison Heinks who is autistic and uses photos he takes to give others a glimpse into the relationship he has with society."

FOX 21  |  The Depot Reopens  |  March 29, 2021

"The St. Louis County Depot is poised to open later this week with some new attractions for the public."

Duluth News Tribune  |  Vern Northrup on Maple Syrup  |  March 13, 2021

Footage taken during the Snowshoeing and Photography class


Chesley Antoinette: Tignon

Blair Treuer: Identity

Wisconsin Public Radio: Simply Superior- Robin Washington and Christina Woods on Burnt Orange Heresy's mention of the Duluth Art Institute. 

October 16, 2020:  

KUMD- Where's the Art Features

November 23, 2020: 

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May 11, 2020: 

Ennyman's Territory

Artist-in-Residence: Paul LaJeunesse

DAI makes it in major move featuring Mick Jagger


Executive Director Christina Woods was named one of AARP Minnesota’s 2019 50 over 50 

Renowned storyteller now leads Duluth Arts Institute

Vern Northrup: Akinomaage 

KUMD- Where's the Art Features

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The Woman Today  |  New Leadership, New Vision  |  April 2018


MN Senate Legacy Meeting. January 26, 2021. Download

A Message from the Director: Looking Forward. December 31, 2020. Download

A Message from the Director: The Complexity of Thanksgiving. November 25, 2020. Download.

Solidarity Statement. June 5, 2020. Download

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