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2024 UMD Emerging Photographers

Smartify | December 15, 2023–Spring 2024

Find the virtual tour, including audio artist insights, on the Smartify site and app.

Image Credit: Jennette Schmitt, "But First," digitial photography, 2023

Capturing a moment on one hand, transcending time on the other, photographers have the power to elevate the ordinary, immortalize moments, and foster connections between objects and viewers. The 2024 UMD Emerging Photographers do just that, documenting typically overlooked scenes and methodically framing their subjects. According to Judge Susanna Gaunt, “Different students provide different angles of view, but all seem to be making deliberate choices to encourage a pause from the viewer.” From nostalgic landscapes and interiors to intimate views that feel both personal and relatable, Gaunt curates a collection of pensive images. This year’s photographs evoke memory and attachment, inviting viewers to explore not only the images themselves, but also what lies just beyond the frame.

Congratulations to the 2024 UMD Emerging Photographers:

Paige Wussow, Suzy Wuertz, Maryann Stafford, Emily Spaniol, Jennette Schmitt, Emily Markgraf, Bosco Jacobson, Auda Ilvedson, Maya Gort, Madeline Fife, Ripley Erickson, and MacKenzie Ehrenberg.

Susanna Gaunt is an award-winning visual artist and instructor living and working in Duluth, MN. She returns to UMD, where she earned her BFA in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking, as the 2024 Emerging Photographers judge. Gaunt taught photography for 10 years at Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, MT, and is currently leading Youth Photography Club at the Duluth Art Institute. She has exhibited throughout the Midwest and is preparing for her summer solo exhibitions at Pablo Center in Eau Claire, WI and Watermark Art Center in Bemidji, MN.

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