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Upcoming Exhibits

Native Skywatchers

OjibweMap WebAnnette Lee, William Wilson, Carl Gawboy
May 8 – August 31, 2014
Morrison Gallery and Steffl Gallery
Opening Reception: May 8, 5 - 7 PM

Dakota artist Annette Lee devised of Native Skywatchers as a way to revitalize the native (Ojibwe & Dakota) star knowledge and build community around it. Annette Lee received a grant from NASA to lead Native Skywatchers workshops nationally. She currently serves a professor of Physics and Astronomy at St Cloud State. 

Her artwork is celebrated regionally and nationally. This exhibit will feature artwork by Annette Lee, her partner, William Wilson, and their friend, Carl Gawboy. The exhibit will also feature artwork from community members based around the Lee’s teachings on Native Skywatching.

Annette Lee's partner, Ojibwe artist William Wilson was born and raised near Lake Nipigon, Ontario, Canada. Wilson is a talented visual artist who is also a maker of traditional Ojibwe beadwork, baskets, cradleboards, snowshoes, moccasins, and pipes. Wilson creates in the Woodlands style, known for its bright colors, outlined forms of animals and spirit beings, and narratives of traditional Anishinabe lifeways. Another defining feature of Wilson’s drawings, and of the Woodlands style in general, is the depiction of life forms in X-ray fashion. In concept, the depiction of both an inner spirit and an outer form, allows the viewer to see the spirit inside what is drawn by the artist, and also allows the spirits to see us looking. Much of Wilson’s art is inspired by dreams, visions, and by stories passed down by his Ojibwe elders. With their strong connection to the spirit world of Anishinabe tradition, William Wilson’s drawings often inspire a deeper appreciation for a Native American world-view where all forms of creation are connected, and have a quality of spirit about them.