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Ceramics Studio


The Duluth Art Institute’s Lincoln Center (2229 W 2nd Street) houses a fully functioning ceramics studio for renters and students to use during open studio hours (generally 9am-9pm, 6 days a week).  There are ten wheels for throwing and lots of space for hand-building.  For firing, we have 4 electric kilns and one gas kiln, “Merlin.”  Opportunities for becoming a studio renter are available, however there is currently a waiting list for future spaces. 

A great way to have access to the studio though is through our ceramics classes!  They are generally 8 weeks long and during that time period students are able to use the studio during open hours outside of class time.  There are always opportunities for beginners and advanced students alike to share the space through our classes.


We currently have a waiting list for rental space at our ceramics studio.  Contact Amy Varsek at 218-723-1310 to get your name on the list .

Rules for Ceramics Studio Renters

1. Rent is due on the first if the month.
2. After the 10th of the month, rent is considered late.
3. A fee of 10% of your open invoices will be applied on the 10th if payment hasn’t been received.
4. If you are late two consecutive pay periods you will have to relinquish your rental space.
5. Credit card payments will no longer be automatically done through the office.  If you wish to pay by credit card you will have to call in (218.733.7560) or you can pay online through Paypal on our website